Shared Knowledge LLC publishes relevant facts related to children, teens, young adults who attend public and private schools. The purpose of the Instagram Account under the handle @BlizzFact is to:

  • help parents with rearing of children of all ages (toddler, adolescent, teen, young adult), and
  • assist educators with alternative facts to dispel the false notion of limitations due to poverty, location (rural or urban), race, or nationality.

In so doing, Shared Knowledge LLC endeavors to dispel many misconceptions about learning, success mindset and false limitations. Links to supporting research studies to support the facts presented are included in the Caption or Comments section of each post. To make the reference and source links viewable, please go directly to the account. A majority of the posts created by Shared Knowledge, LLC are accompanied by these hashtags:

  • #neuroscience
  • #schoolpsychology
  • #schoolpsychologist
  • #schoolcounselor
  • #socialworker
  • #mentalhealth
  • #parents
  • #mom
  • #dad
  • #teens
  • #children
  • #kids
  • #learn
  • #behavior

A small minority (about 10-25%) are intended for general knowledge and entertainment value such as ancient civilization and novel and funny facts. Please click the link to follow and contribute. Follows, comments and likes are responded to in like fashion.