Dr. Mead, president of Shared Knowledge LLC has been honored to receive several awards. Just a few of Dr. Mead’s distinguished accomplishments follows.

  • 2018 Google #1 Ranked of 258 million articles on “Fraud in Education”;
  • 2018 Apprenticeship Working Group, National Initiative Cybersecurity Education; NIST/NICE;
  • 2017 Recipient of Corporate Vision: CV Most Influential Business Woman in Education Fraud and Cyber Security;
  • 2017 Advisor Cyber Security Education Research & Outreach Center, TTU, College of Engineering;
  • 2014 Recipient of the Cafritz Award for Excellence in Government Service and Public Leadership 

Personal Successes Using NPL and Hypnosis

The personal tenacity and ability to ‘get things done’ in the spite of all odds, systematic discrimination, internal and external dysfunction, and mismanagement prevalent in the District of Columbia was grounded in Dr. Mead’s foundational expertise in NPL (neuro linguistic programming), positive psychology and hypnosis.

Professional Successes with Data Analysis

‘Getting things’ done often requires the ability analyze large groups of data, distill it into chunks of usable information, develop actionable plans and mange them to success. As a result of her background in behavioral psychology, NPL as well as core skills with analytics, in 2014, Dr. Mead, was one of 5 from 35,000 civil servants to earn the distinguished Cafritz Award for Excellence in Government Service and Public Leadership. She formerly served in the role of State-wide Test Integrity Coordinator from 2011 to 2017. Her story is below.

2014 Cafritz Award

In the wake of the USA Today’s allegations of massive cheating on standardized tests in many of the District’s schools in 2011, Dr. Tonya Mead was called upon to develop a test integrity program that would meet federal regulations for student test assessments.Amid probes from the U.S. Department of Education and the DC Office of the Inspector General, Tonya undertook the massive effort to develop a multi-level process to investigate cheating claims, ensure effective technical support for concerned residents, and draft policy guidelines that culminated in the passing of the 2013 Test Integrity Act (TIA). Taking on the additional responsibilities in such a high-stakes environment and under intense public scrutiny meant late nights and weekends on the job, without a salary increase. Regardless, Tonya committed to the task, even paying her own way through a Private Investigator licensing program.When asked what motivated her to stay on, Tonya said: “There was this feeling that the only way that students in the District of Columbia could achieve academic success was through educator cheating and misconduct. And I knew that it just wasn’t true.”The implementation of the Test Integrity Act and subsequent other integrity measures, helped restore public confidence in the District’s public education system and its students. Earlier this year, the program was featured at the 2014 International Center for Academic Integrity Conference as a model for discouraging cheating through early detection and deterrence. In addition to her work on the test integrity program, Tonya was responsible for the successful development of the State Athletic Association (DCSAA), a massive inter-agency effort that brought together 52 local education providers, including a number of public charter and parochial schools. As one of Mayor Vincent Gray’s key initiatives, the DCSAA sought to ensure that all student athletes in District schools would have the opportunity to participate in state-level athletic championships.

“Dr. Mead’s work helped solve this extraordinary challenge for the District… [by] bringing together many competing and highly politicized factions for the sake of interscholastic athletics,” said one former colleague. Please see her acceptance speech below. Duration: Seven minutes.

Acceptance Speech 13th Annual Cafritz Award

At the time when it was rumored that the Office of the State Superintendent of Education didn’t have the expertise or the capacity to run a program like the DCSAA, Tonya developed a comprehensive framework for appointing the DCSAA Director, establishing early on OSSE’s competence to bring the program to fruition. Thanks to Tonya’s stewardship, the DCSAA was successfully established in under a year, opening doors to many DC students who sought to compete for athletic scholarships. Tonya’s strong ethics serve as a beacon of light for the District’s educators.

“What I admire most about Tonya is her integrity,” said former State Superintendent of Education Hosanna Mahaley Jones. “She would even challenge me or other senior leaders if she thought we were making a decision that wasn’t in the best interests of children or the city.”

Alleged Educator Misconduct and Fraud in Education in DC

Your Invitation to NPL and Hypnosis for Success

Dr. Mead invites you to participate in a Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis session whereby you will learn how to build your emotional endurance to succeed in the face of external resistance, opposition and faulty internal programs of limitations.