The purpose of this planned  presentation in March 2017,  before NIST and FISSEA (Federal Information Systems Security Educators Association) is threefold.

  1. To share information on the need to develop awareness, training and education programs to alert federal employees on the potential for criminals to use deceptive tactics to trick their children into divulging information digitally thereby gaining backdoor access to federal systems.
  2. To explore the types of confidential student data routinely submitted (as required) to federal agencies like the Departments of Agriculture, Education, Justice, Labor, Health and Human Services by schools.
  3. State agencies, districts, schools and universities risk exploitation due to: (a) the federal government’s demand for increased data-based reports, and (b) pressure from the public for increased data and transparency. These two pressures expose the lack of security preparedness and limits to technological resources.

Tonya J. Mead, CFE, PI, MBA, MA, Certified K-12 Administrator and School Psychologist is author of Fraud in Education: Beyond the Wrong Answer and president of Shared Knowledge, LLC http://ishareknowledge.com