Shared Knowledge LLC leads teams that are well-versed in variety of operating systems, customer service platforms, networks, and databases. We orient students, youth and young adults to the working world. Take a quick look at our job responsibilities website here. We train inner-city and rural youth from lower income families with historically low access to the corridors of power. We train youth to work with just about any technology that a government agency, nonprofit, large or small business utilizes. We use this expertise to help our students find jobs that will value the customer service and technology skills they have acquired.

Technical Expertise – People Skills- Mastery of Organizational Behavior

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Are you searching for candidates to meet your diverse needs of income, US geographical (flyover states, small towns and inner cities), and under-represented minorities to fill your information technology and customer services jobs? Have you found it difficult to manage your current customer service and IT systems due to high turnover and attrition? Do you find that outreach to rural and inner cities are taking too much of your time and effort with little to show for it? Worried that the candidates you select, lack employability skills? With us, you will not be dismayed. Take a quick look at our job responsibilities website which is one of the many steps in the process we use to develop the employability of our youth and young adults.

High ROI for Training and Outreach

Many companies find that constant attention to maintain critical mass in the competent employee pool eats into their budget for new technology. Further, some companies, under pressure to diversify their talent, find that they lack the cultural acumen, social network, and connections. No one company wants to start at ground zero! By outsourcing your customer service and IT outreach and training of promising candidates with potential, your company or agency can focus on what you do best– running your business.

Customer Service

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Finding, training and building a workforce that is capable of fulfilling the requirements of an infrastructure, high technology, or customer service job can be fast-paces and scary. That’s why our goal is to provide employee candidates who (1) hold traits of high character, (2) possess employability skills (phone acumen, basic technology, positive regard for others, strong work ethic), and are (3) trained to fulfill your company’s job requirements, and to match your company’s work and management culture. But we don’t start there. In fact, we have a repository of job descriptions we use prior to initiating contact with out prospective clients to jump start our students’ success. Take a quick look at our job responsibilities website just a small sample of the resources in which we tap develop the success skills of our youth and young adults.

No matter the budget. Regardless of the timeline. We pride ourselves on providing professional customer service. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our employee candidates and our work.