There are so many educators, parents, school leaders, faculty, university presidents, deans of students, superintendents who do right by our children. You see them volunteering for after school activities, sending positive notes to parents, and setting up remediation sessions for their students.  And, they should be commended and supported each and every day.

However, the schools and universities where they work and the classrooms where our children are educated are easy prey to criminals who seek to use the giving, caring and trusting nature of educators at all levels, for their own personal and financial gain. These settings present environmental conditions that make staff and students prone to victimization by fraud and white collar crime.

This website is tailored to school leaders, internal auditors, teachers and faculty as they seek to beat back attempts by criminals to re-purpose public money for their own personal gain. Criminals may submit false claims and certifications, fraudulently misrepresent academic and graduation gains, falsify attendance and to establish ‘no show’ classes, embezzle public funds and commit outright theft. Among others. Research shows that leakages decreases resources available for direct service to students and results in lower academic achievement.

While there are a host of websites to inform the public of innovative best practices in education and to highlight educators making a significant difference in spite of the challenges of public schools;  this website was created for these purposes:

(1) educating educators on the flags signifying possible fraud,
(2) alerting taxpayers and parents to the threat of fraud, white collar crime in education, and
(3) helping investigators and fraud examiners weed out the bad so that the good can flourish..

As with fraud that occurs in other sectors (healthcare, insurance, banking, e-commerce, and retail) the veil of fraud  in education will be lifted. And until we do so, the improvement of public education will remain an elusive goal.

End Game

This website and associated domains provide curated facts and information on fraud, computer-assisted and data related crime in education, youth and young adult serving organizations. The site provides useful resources  for fraud examiners, parents, investigators, auditors and concerned citizens to deter, detect, investigate and resolve fraud and white collar crime in schools and universities.

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