Rationale- The Need for Coaching

There are so many gifted, average, and under-performing kids that fail to reach their true potential because of the dysfunctional educational system. Making systemic changes for positive reform remains elusive. The institutional changes necessary may come to pass for the next generation to enjoy, but one wonders, what about the children of today?

Recognizing this urgency, our company has established a network of educational consultants, monitors and coaches who will meet the individual needs of your child. Through advocacy, time management, goal development and skills inventories; these experts are available on your time table and within your budget to help your child succeed.

Student Coaching- Improvement of Teen Life and Educational Performance

This firm is a personal development company for both children aged between 11 and 18 and their parents. We offer the latest techniques from the human potential field to maximize your chances of creating the sort of lives you desire.

Teenagers go through some heavy duty transformation during their secondary school years. The pressure is on to make choices about the rest of their lives at a time when hormones are kicking in, causing all kinds of great distractions!

Conventional secondary education builds knowledge that can help children negotiate their way into the working world and our firm supplements this learning by developing teenager’s confidence, self-esteem, decision-making ability and independence.

We specialize in life coaching for teenagers whose parents want them to not only achieve academically but also develop emotional maturity and literacy so that they can actually enjoy the process of growing up as well.

Parent Coaching- Improvement of Teen Life and Educational Performance

We focus on academic planning for life success, suggest alternate pathways to upper incomes for your children, and monitor the educational and school climate as an advocate for your child. However, can also coach parents in the most effective parenting, communication and stress reduction techniques which can build (or re-build) compassionate connections with the most important people in your lives – your precious children.

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