Compiled By: Tonya Mead, CFE, PI, MBA,MA Educational Psychology

Chelsea Man Pleads Guilty to Student Financial Aid Fraud. Boston, MA., December 10, 2014
Smith County Woman Sentenced to Prison for Student Financial Aid Fraud. Tyler, TX., November 18, 2014
AG Announces Conviction of Former State Department of Education Official, Spouse for Felony Ethics Charges. Montgomery, AL., October 10, 2014
Mother and Daughter Plead Guilty In Student Aid Fraud Investigation. Richmond, VA., September 18, 2014
Six Defendants Charged in Separate Fraud Schemes to Obtain $2.7 Million in Mortgages, Student Aid, Bank and Small Business Loans. Chicago, IL., July 31, 2014
Nine Individuals Indicted For Wire Fraud And Student Loan Fraud. The Defendants Are Facing A Forfeiture Allegation Of $351,333. San Juan, PR., July 22, 2014
United States Attorney Announces Felon in Possession Sentence. Indianapolis, IN., July 17, 2014
Cousins Sentenced for Role in Student Loan Fraud Scheme. Madison, WI., July 09, 2014
New York City Woman Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Fraud In Connection With Federal Financial Aid To Attend Online State College. New York, NY., June 26, 2014
Georgia Woman Sentenced for Student Loan Fraud Scheme. Madison, WI., April 15, 2014
Cleveland Man Charged With Fraudulently Receiving $55,000 in Student Financial Aid. Cleveland OH., April 09, 2014
San Leandro Man Sentenced to 27 Months In Prison for Student Aid Fraud Scheme. Sacramento, CA., February 27, 2014
Four Montgomery Residents Sentenced for Conspiracy to Defraud the United States Department of Education. Montgomery , AL., February 24, 2014
Three Defendants Plead Guilty In Federal Student Aid Fraud Scheme. Oakland, CA., February 18, 2014
Two Sentenced to Prison for Student Loan Fraud Schemes. Sacramento, CA., February 06, 2014
Largo Woman Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison For Tax And Student Loan Fraud.. Tampa, FL., January 09, 2014
Former Non-Profit Director Sentenced for Defrauding Government Agencies. Gretna, LA., December 18, 2014
United States and State of Florida File Complaint Against Defunct For-Profit College Chain and its President for False Claims Act Violations. Miami, FL., December 03, 2014
Fast Train Owner and Three Admissions Representatives arrested for Theft of Federal Student Aid. Miami, FL., October 02, 2014
Philadelphia Businessman Indicted On Fraud And Tax Charges. Philadelphia, PA., August 05, 2014
Former Midwestern Intermediate IU4 Official Pleads Guilty. Pittsburgh, PA., July 30, 2014
Former Merrimack College Director of Financial Aid Charged with Fraud. Boston, MA., July 22, 2014
Reading Consultant Sentenced for Paying Bribes to Former Greenville Superintendent. Oxford, MS., June 26, 2014
More American Commercial Colleges, Inc. Executives Plead Guilty to Federal Charges. Lubbock, TX., May 23, 2014
American Commercial Colleges, Inc. and Its President Plead Guilty to Federal Charges. Lubbock, TX., May 22, 2014
Test Proctor Sentenced To Prison In Student Financial Aid Fraud Scheme. Baltimore, MD., May 15, 2014
Former Manager Of Tutoring Company Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court To 24 Months In Prison For Scheme To Bill Federal Government For Tutoring Services That Were Never Provided. New York, NY., May 14, 2014
Former Detroit Public School Teacher Sentenced On Fraud And Money Laundering Charges. Detroit, MI., May 06, 2014
Niles-Based Education Firms and Executives Indicted in Alleged $33 Million Fraud; Bribes Allegedly Paid to Four School Officials. Chicago, IL., April 28, 2014
Former Executive Director of Public Charter School Sentenced to Nine Months in Prison For Stealing $29,000 in Funds. Washington, DC., April 24, 2014
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Lawsuit And $2 Million Civil Settlement With Academic Advantage, And Civil And Criminal Charges Against Former Academic Advantage Employees, In Scheme To Defraud Federal Government Into Paying For Tutoring Services That Were Never Provided. New York, NY., April 15, 2014
Former Beaumont ISD Employees Guilty of Stealing over $4 million. Beaumont, TX., April 14, 2014
More Convictions in Relation to Progreso Bribery Case. Houston TX., April 09, 2014
Provider Of Services For Special Needs Preschool Students Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Fraud Charge. New York, NY., March 07, 2014
Former President Of Galiano Career Academy Sentenced For Theft Of Federal Funds, Obstruction Of A Federal Audit, And Aggravated Identity Theft. Orlando, FL., February 25, 2014
Former District of Columbia Schools Compliance Officer Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud and Conflict-of-Interest Charges. Washington , DC., January 23, 2014
Millcreek Township School District Agrees to Pay Government $350,000 to Resolve Allegation of Improper Medicaid Reimbursement . Millcreek Township, PA., January 21, 2014